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Donate for a Fair Price for Solar

We all know that solar owners are getting ripped off. In NSW, power companies can pay you as little as 0c/kWh for the clean solar power you export to the grid. Most people get around 6c/kWh for their solar, which electricity retailers on-sell for around 5 times the price - it's daylight robbery!

The good news is our fair price for solar campaign is already having an impact with the solar feed-in tariff benchmark set to double to 11.6-14.6c/kWh from July 1.

It’s a great step towards a fairer price for solar, but there’s a problem. The benchmark price is entirely voluntary, so electricity retailers don’t have to pay it if they don’t want to.

What we need is for the NSW government to pull the big energy companies into line with a mandated fair price for solar. 

Can you help make it happen? Chip in today to supercharge the campaign for a Fair Price for Solar in NSW.

Donate for a Fair Price for Solar

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