Chip in to support the fight against anti-renewable policy

Chip in to support the fight against anti-renewable policy

The Energy Security Board is developing the National Energy Guarantee (NEG), which favours big power companies and slams the door on renewable energy in Australia.

We have until April to build the support we need to make sure this anti-renewable plan is rejected – to make sure all states and territories hear our call and stop the NEG in its tracks. Can you chip in to help us power our campaign? 

Your contribution means we can keep up the momentum of our fight, lobbying the state governments until they recognise the community won’t stand for a policy which shuns renewable energy.

With millions of solar owners and supporters standing together, our voice cannot be ignored. We can and will protect and grow renewables in Australia.

Donate for a clean energy future

$3,881.00 raised

GOAL: $10,000.00

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100% Renewable Community Campaign trading as Solar Citizens is a registered charity in Australia
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